Johnny Shines – Vienna, February 1975

At my home in Vienna, February 1975. Filmed on super 8 on 3-minute-reels with an Eumig camera without sound. “Synchronised” later from acetates (to regulate the speed on a Lenco L75 turntable). Doesn’t work all the time – but it took a long time (and tons of cigarettes and a lot of drinks) to fix it this way. Unfortunately also the camera made a lot of noise… I had to fill the time between the 3-minute-clips with footage I took at the train station when Johnny left Salzburg and later near the river Danube in Vienna (no, it is not the delta). For a short time there can be seen a bridge on screen. This was the old “Reichsbruecke”, which broke down the next morning.
Finally I have to thank Mr. Johnny Shines, one of the finest persons I ever met in my life, with whom I spent a wonderful week during and between his concerts in Austria (3 concerts at Jazzland Vienna, one each in Linz and Salzburg). Thank you, Johnny, I will never forget this week.
And: No, he gave me no new photo of R.J. … but it seemed, like he was happy that I didn’t ask about…

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